Gifts are the language of love which has no substitute. Giving gifts is a splendid approach to showcase the pure gestures like care, love, and concern. The gifts are not always supposed to be a lavish or an expensive commodity. Instead, they become more valuable once they are given from the heart and with pure intentions. Here is the time to multiply the affection and good intentions. There is absolutely no need to scratch your brain cells, for we have compiled the list of top ten gifts below:

1: Photo Collage

Nothing is more special than a customized gift. They add a meaningful essence to the relations and create a memorable impact. Just gather few snaps and arrange them in an elaborated division of any frame. You can also engrave monograms or stickers on it to give it a more personal touch. It’s not some tedious work as it sounds. An array of frames are available online, just print the images and “Oo la la”, you are good to go then!

2: Scrapbooks

This can be deemed as one of the most customized and personal gifts. It might require you to force your neurons to hit the creative juices initially. But at the end, it will be worth it. Design it, using the snaps, fabrics, dried leaves and notes etc. It can be a little time taking process, but eventually if one start on time it can be made ready in the nick of time.

3: Handmade Soap Gift Set

With no surprise, most of the beauty products currently are loaded with a heavy number of toxic ingredients. To give a break to your friends from all such hormone disruptors, nothing can be ideal than handmade soap gift sets. The soap gift set would impart a better form of a luxury than the chemical products.

4: Home Made Cookies

Your baking skills need to be put into the right use via this gift. Try finding a few great recipes online. Add a tinge of personal flavor by giving exclusive shapes accordingly.

5: Himalayan Salt Lamp

This is one such present that breaks the boundary of all occasions, events, and people. It’s a gift for all seasons. Your nature-loving friends would especially appreciate the beauty and benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps. This can be one precious gift for it will continue to benefit your loved ones for a longer period of time. It’s not just its unique beauty that is fascinating but also its natural purifying abilities are also commendable.

6: Cup Coffee Maker

Cup Coffee Maker could reflect how much you want the things to get simplified. On top of it, you can ease the coffee making process for your friends and help them save some time! Such makers are greatly much more environment friendly than a regular coffee machine and will be valued by your friends who are in the support of saving energy.

7: Wireless Headphones

Your presence could be felt for every beat listened, and for every tune enjoyed on it. They won’t leave your loved ones alone even if you are not around to give them company. This is something everyone needs subconsciously in their daily lives. Wireless headphones can undeniably bring the recipients great convenience whether they use it at work, gym or for random chores.

8: Jewelry Box

A cool, stylish and solid jewelry box is perfect for your jewelry obsessed friends. It’s not supposed to be necessarily huge, but a good one would consist of a fair number of divisions so that it is able to store a substantial number of frequently used items.

9: Perfumes

You can never go wrong with perfumes. This can be a personalized and luxurious kind of a gift. The recipient of the perfumes will get delighted by the uniqueness of the signature smell. Even if they own the same kind of it, it can be an addition to their personal collection of perfumes. Perfumes can leave a lingering memory for it they are directly linked to one of the five senses.

10: Drones/Spark Quadcopter

Drones or the quadcopters are capable of capturing the remarkably impressive aerial shots. This action is performed by the imbedded cameras and automatic stabilizers. With this your friends and families can easily capture their precious moments from any angle.

Author: Alexa Paul

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