The kitchen is a room in the home where you should feel comfortable throughout the year. It’s a place where there is warmth and cozy feelings as you bake and prepare meals for the family. Sometimes, it’s hard to decide on a theme for the kitchen. A southern design might be perfect for your home if you enjoy warm colors and pleasant details. This type of design often works best in a brick home or a home that has a layout similar to a cottage, but you could use southern themes in any house if you like the concepts.

Just Off The Countryside

Bring a bit of the countryside into your kitchen using natural colors, stools around an island and white paint. Use white paint on the walls and cabinets with black hardware as an accent. A kitchen island with a black top and white distressed legs combines modern design with old-world charm. Install a natural wood floor for a charming look to complete the kitchen. You could also hang a few cast iron skillets near the stove or install a farm sink that is a little deeper than an ordinary sink.

Stone Highlights

If you have a large kitchen, then stone walls and gray accents will create a design that is pleasing to the eye. Add splashbacks behind the sink and the stove in cool colors that blend with the stone on the walls. You can hire a professional to install the splashbacks so that they are even on the walls. A large stove with a wooden side table works with this southern design. Pendant lights that hang over a kitchen island with a white top and black legs create a comforting atmosphere.

Wooden Decorations

If you’re looking for a southern kitchen design, then you want to include wood at some points in the room. Use a large wooden table and chairs with colorful flowers as a centerpiece for a place to enjoy a meal with the family. If you have space, then consider adding a small fireplace or a brick oven so that you can prepare meals by the fire instead of using electricity all the time.


When you think of the south, you might think of fruit orchards, such as apples. This is a theme that you can bring into the kitchen. Decorate white walls with red trim. Use apple decorations on top of the cabinets and table. You also want to think about the flooring as you want it to be a darker color that represents the stem of an apple.

There are numerous ideas that you can use in the kitchen to add southern charm. Look at the big picture before decorating and adding new furniture. Use the space of the kitchen as a base for the overall design, such as stone highlights or natural wood, as some designs work better in smaller kitchens than in larger rooms.

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Author: Alexa Paul

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