Modern kitchens with matt finishes have been around for quite some time now, but it shows no sign of stopping. Why? It’s because homeowners love the way they look, and it blends well with just about any kitchen theme, may it be traditional, industrial, contemporary, and a whole lot more.

Another exceptional factor that matte kitchens offer is the wide variety of vibrant colours that matt units provide. These units look more consistent and reliable than the high-gloss ones. Also, one of the fundamental benefits you will get when you opt for units with matt finishes is the fact that fingerprints and scratches are far less evident than on gloss finishes, and that speaks a lot for most people.

Browse through these matt kitchen design ideas and get some inspirations for your next kitchen revamp:

1: Opt for Tall Windows

neutral colored matt kitchen
If your fortunate enough to have a kitchen that’s located right beside the outdoor area, make sure to make the most out of it by opening up the entire space. By installing tall and transparent windows (and doors, of course), you allow the natural light to effortlessly enter the kitchen area even if you close them during rainy or windy days. This neutral coloured matt kitchen definitely did a great job in achieving the minimalist look.

2: Matts and Greys

grey matt kitchen

The truth is, not all of us have the adequate space to fit in a dining table, let alone a dining room in our homes. However, you can always improvise and incorporate a spot where your family members or guests can sit and chat while you prepare the food. This idea is a space saver, and it’s also the perfect nook for people to hang around and bond. Take some design inspiration from this matt grey kitchen.

3: Open Them Up

matt white kitchen with clear windows

Huge windows and clear door frames can absolutely add a light and airy vibe to any room. It easily allows the light to flood the entire area, making this matt white kitchen look neat and elegant without looking drab or gloomy. That is one of the reasons why natural light is always necessary.

4: Combining Both Spaces

matt kitchen with pastel colours

If your kitchen is also your dining area, then why not maximise its full potential by making it the focal point of your home. This idea works so well, particularly when you’re keen on hosting small family gatherings and entertaining guests. Simply squeeze in some chairs, and you’ll be surprised at how many people you can fit in.

5: Brighten up with pastels

matt pastel tones for your kitchen
If you’re not ready for a dark matt or an all-white kitchen area, then you should consider incorporating a dash of colours to brighten up the room. After all, dark coloured rooms are not everyone’s cup of tea, especially when natural light is not easily accessible. The solution? Make your kitchen look and feel as light and airy as possible with the help of matt pastel tones. These soft colours can instantly boost the style and character of your kitchen.

Lastly, consider getting rid of some walls in your kitchen as it can open up the room even more. Be sure to play with different textures, patterns, colours, and matt kitchens for that added depth and style!

Author: Alexa Paul

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