“The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space.” 

An excellent interior design is subjective–it can mean anything for anyone. For some, it might be making the best possible use of the available space while for others, a great design should start with a room that starts conversation before individuals can actually start exchanging words.

However, if there is one universal school of thought when it comes to exquisite interior designs is that it is a visual expression of something the homeowner desired for their home spaces–whether the space be in avida towers centera or elsewhere.

This is something your interior designer should be able to deliver if you have employed a competent one. But what makes a good interior designer? And what do they do to make you consider them skilled in their professions? Well, read on below to find out some of the things a good interior designer should be able to do:

1: They Identify and Respond to Design Opportunities

Skilled professional interior designers do not constrain themselves to the plan. Though they may follow most of what is indicated in the plan, they do not pass up any design opportunities. In a sense, good designers would think out of the box. Say the plan specified a material or element, a good interior designer would not necessarily follow it if he or she sees a better design opportunity. After all, sometimes the best plans are flexible and open to better changes.

2: They Give as Much Attention to Details as the Big Picture

A good designer does not solely focus on the big picture and regard the small details as negligible. A good designer think every aspect of the plan is important and would give it all equal focus. They balance details well while maintaining their eyes on the entirety of the project.

3: A good Designer Puts You at the Forefront

Good interior designers would always put their client’s interest at the forefront. They do not only consider what you want, but also what you need. However, this does not mean that he or she will strictly adhere to what you want as clients do not often see what a good interior designer’s trained eye sees. More often than not, some of the client’s requests may be impossible to achieve or generally not good for the room at all. A good interior designer knows when to tell the client a better way to put the plan in execution by checking what is good for the room, space and overall house.

4: They Make you a Better Decorator Through Their Coaching

Good interior designers encourage their clients to push boundaries and question conventional thinking. They help their clients to be better decorators through their tutelage, so that homeowners would be able to create the perfect space that fits not only their tastes and preferences, but their lifestyle as well.

5: They Can See into the Future

This does not necessarily mean your designer should be gifted with the prowess of clairvoyance. But rather, your designer should be able to see things that are not there yet. In a sense, possibilities such as a growing family and a need for bigger space. Good interior designers should be able to see the possibilities as regards your space and maximize its potential through design.

Author: Alexa Paul

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