Every home should have a collection of candles.

Candles do not only make beautiful decorative pieces for any room in the house, they are also functional, which they are originally intended to be. In the occasion of bad weather and power outage is a high likelihood, you can count on your candle collection to provide both illumination and warmth.

The market is abundant with options – from cheap to high end, simple to absolute works of art, and unscented to deliciously fragrant. The selection can be overwhelming especially if you want to integrate candles beautifully and purposefully into your home.

If you’re setting out to buy the perfect candles to use and adorn your abode with, here are five tips on how to choose candles to buy.

1. Think about the overall ambiance of the room.

Do the different rooms in your house have specific themes? There are candles that are both scented and designed to go with popular design themes for homes.

Say, your card room is made of wood and it has a lot of old handcrafted furniture. The oud wood candle from a luxury candle company would be perfect for it with its spicy, woodsy, and musky aroma. This candle would go well with the general feel and even compliment the natural scents of the materials of the room.

2. Consider the activities you like to do in specific parts of your house

Candles are experience-enhancers.

For example, if the grand bathroom is your nook of relaxation where you spend at least an hour just soaking in a warm bubble bath, your candles should be able to enhance the relaxation experience. Therapeutic candles will do the trick.

Or, if you love spending lazy afternoons in the living room just reading, a mint candle is ideal. The warm glow of the candle and its refreshing aroma can relax you, but at the same time, keep you awake so you’ll cover more pages.

3. Choose candles according to the preference of frequent users of the room.

Who uses the particular rooms in the house? Do you have a daughter who’s made the den her domain? Does your husband spend most of his time in the library?

Consider their preferences to make the favorite spots an even more delightful space for them to spend time in. For a daughter who’s “scent-sibilities” gravitate toward anything sweet, vanilla, berry, and other food-scented candles will increase her delight in her favorite room in the house.

As for your hubby who brings home work from the office, reads books, and entertains guests in the library, a musky-scented candle in a masculine color and placed in classic candle holder would be suitable.

4. Make sure the candles compliment the other design elements of the room.

It’s always a smart decorating trick to color coordinate the candles you buy with the other room décor and design elements. You can either make the candles blend in or pop out in a well-calculated way.

Take into account the proportions of other décor as well. For minimalist rooms, simple and small votive or tea candles never look out of place whether they’re grouped together or scattered around.

5. Make the candles fit the season or occasion.

If you like to decorate according to the seasons, your choice of candles should go along with that.

For the fall and winter, any candle that triggers fond memories of celebrations during these seasons is always delightful. Therefore, those with a spicy, baked good scent are solid choices.

For the spring, floral scented candles enhance the aroma of the season. Meanwhile, citronella, lavender and eucalyptus candles are also fitting considering the hyperactivity of pesky insects during the spring.

For summer, candles that smell and remind you of the ocean can make you feel like you’re on holiday at a beach house.

The right selection of candles ascertains your home is a cozy retreat throughout the changing seasons.

With these tips, you’ll be able to buy the candles you need for your home and thoroughly enjoy the shopping experience.

Author: Alexa Paul

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