The right decorations and fixtures can boost the appeal of your landscape. But decorating your lawn or garden landscape means more than just adding some plastic or ceramic gnomes and placing several vases or urns around the yard.

To ensure the ornaments you place on your outdoor space enhance the landscape design or theme, consider these tips:

1: Put some thought into your choice of garden pathway material

Pathways are functional ground ornaments that work well as additional decors. Aside from giving pedestrians safer and more convenient walkways, they provide directions as well.

Choosing the right material for your pathways will allow you to add fixtures that enhance the look of your outdoor space. Gravel, stone, bricks, concrete blocks and wood are popular options for garden pathways. Whichever material you choose, make sure you select one that works great for your landscape, is safe, and will last for a long time.

2: Select furnishings and ornaments suited for outdoor use

Although you may want only the best-looking pieces of furniture and decors for your outdoor living room, keep in mind that they may not be the most durable. They may not even provide comfort when they are used outdoors. The best material for outdoor furnishings and ornaments include granite, concrete and aluminum, among others.

3. Choose furnishings and ornaments consistent with your landscape theme

The style of the outdoor tables and chairs you choose has a big impact on the overall look of your landscape. As such, select furnishings that follow your landscape design. In addition, make sure they create a cohesive overall connection with the other ornaments and landscaping materials you have.

Keep in mind that whatever your outdoor space design may be, furnishings and ornaments can carry it into the landscape as long as there is consistency in your choices. For instance, if your garden has iron fences and gates, choose ornaments such as iron urns and lamps and iron chairs and tables. Make sure that your decors and furniture echo the theme so no one will be confused by what they see on your lawn.

4. Use ornaments to polish the overall look of your landscape

Garden ornaments can help guide how you shape and use your outdoor space. They can also have an effect on what you’ll feel whenever you’re outside. As such, once you’ve chosen your ornaments, think carefully about where to place them so that you can give your garden a finished look any time of the year.

5. Be creative with your choice installation of lighting features

If you want to have an outdoor space that looks cozy and romantic after dark, you need to have well-placed electric lights that put the spotlight on trees and light up paths. You can consider hanging outdoor lanterns from the boughs of trees. If you want to highlight your patio, have tall streetlight-style lamps installed outdoors.

Just make sure these additional lighting fixtures coordinate with the lights placed on your house’s exterior walls.

6. Use your plants as ornaments

If you are still landscaping your front yard, keep in mind that some plants are naturally architectural or can be pruned to look that way. As such, you can use plants to create guiding lines in your outdoor space. Flowering plants can also accentuate fountains, pathways and stairways.

Landscaping experts can give you great advice on how to use ornaments to enhance the look of your lawn and make it more functional. Get in touch with a trusted landscaping company if you want to gain a good start and get great results when decorating your outdoor space.

Author: Alexa Paul

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