A general survey indicated that approximately 52 percent respondents rated their kitchen a room with sufficient financial value, even more than the TV lounge and bedroom.

Most of the household spent around 1,000 pounds to revamp their kitchen whereas well-off owners play with higher stakes, modernising their kitchen from top to bottom for above 5,000 pounds.

Being the heart of the home and a space where we cook and family enjoys socialising , latest kitchen designs and trends for 2017 promise just that so let’s have a look at what we’ve in store!

1. Quartz Worktops

A great many households surfaced from the typical laminate to quartz in 2016 and the trend is taking its toll in 2017 as financial worth and quality of the material become of significant importance. Quartz was once considered a hallmark of luxury kitchen surface being overpriced and rather out of reach from average household income.

However, production of composite surfaces bring forth the ultimate possibility of natural stone being a perfect choice for both kitchen and bathroom surface. Throwing quartz over laminate increases the splendour of your kitchen so that’s one thing to go with in 2017.

2. Industrial Appearance

“Industrial look/appearance” is a new gig in latest kitchen designs that soared in 2016 and is likely to soar even higher this year! It’s characterised by the details such as exposed pipes, minimalist furniture, exposed bricks and metals, making the corner as if in an industrial production room.

The look combines beauty of stone, wood and concrete followed by advanced and innovative engineering, solutions and finishes. The looks simply create designs that reflect to our desires, environment and that which is truly important; function, form and aesthetics.

3. No-Handle Units

The linear look seems to have taken over the latest kitchen designs by storm such as simple and handle-free doors for a modern style, permanent gloss and earthly tone. The old-school timber and grained timber effects in natural stones are making a comeback due to the painted colour options.

4. No-clutter worktops

Another emerging trend is of clutter-free worktops as it allows ample space in a kitchen that lets you cook and move around conveniently. The cabinetry options also enable the layout to compliment with various shelves and compartment so that you’ve everything at an arm’s length. Clean and shiny worktops also give illusion of spacious kitchen space which is a sweet option for consumers living in tighter spaces.

5. Premium-Quality Storage Solutions

Even with latest kitchen designs, designers prefer camouflaging smaller appliances so we’re likely to see kettles and food processors tucked in tall larders with deep drawers plus smart premium-quality storage solutions. To create that unmistakable wow factor, style and practicality would become a hallmark of modern kitchens.

6. Monochromatic Tones

There’re speculations of white, grey and black tones to rise in 2017 for kitchens. The shades may fit to varying degrees be it the entire cabinetry, appliances or worktops. Even subtle shades now available in various details and accents are entering the kitchen design competition. While black and white have always been everyone’s favourite finishes, we’re seeing a growing demand for grey.

7. Modern Painted Cabinets

The trend of chunky profiles and slim looks seems to have darted away, taken over by painted kitchens, thin contours that allow for shaker style doors and slab drawer combo. It maintains the classical proportion with modern look and feel that’s unmistakable. New and modern painted doors fit perfectly to almost all type of traditional to latest kitchen designs with a few being handle-less even.

8. Go for Copper Accent

The most preferred colour trend is grey and more earthly tones as homeowners opt for simple and neutral coloured kitchen designs. Copper coloured handles, kitchen accessories and appliances are likely coming back this year only to remain for longer.

Author: Alexa Paul

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