About Us

We, at Buzz and Lola will bring to you enticing blog posts related to interiors fashion and craft designs that will be focused on home decor, interior decoration ideas and tips, things you can do to add to the beauty of your home interiors, etc.

Buzz and Lola is to give you an insight into how you can enhance your interiors with fresh, approachable and in budget articles. It is not necessary to spend dollars in purchasing a beautiful vase for your living room. Rather you can add style and beauty to your interiors just by utilizing some gorgeous flowers, pretty colour palettes and the new trendy crafts materials that fall in your budget and do not harm your pockets.

We at Buzz and Lola believe in keeping things fun, casual, approachable and budget friendly because it is hundred times better to have that homely feel in your interiors using simple, fun ideas rather than making it a formal place with all the expensive goodies that you bring in for show-off purpose. We would like to make you feel at home and help you in decorating your beautiful homes with fresh ideas that you can actually implement.

Here, we share ideas related to design, decoration, colour schemes, crafts and all that you need for making your home an eye soothing place with marvelously crafted interiors. Whether you are a house woman or a college student, a home owner or an apartment dweller or just anyone who has passion for fashion design, interior design and crafts, Buzz and Lola is the right place for you!