The kitchen’s colour and design are among the challenging aspects of completing a kitchen remodel project. Additionally, the pros and cons of choosing which style should be factored in. One of the hottest in the market today is a black high gloss kitchen that can make any room look attractive, sleek and plush. Plus, as an added bonus, it has its benefits too!

Kitchens are tailor-made for the homeowner’s needs, taste and of course budget. A black high gloss finish fits all three of the most common needs of homeowners. They are durable, long lasting and above all easy to clean.

A black kitchen creates an air of sophistication in the kitchen, especially when paired with accents such as a couple of metallic appliances that accentuate the black design. Straight or curved cupboards also create a stunning effect in the sea of black design.

Key features of a high gloss finish

black high gloss kitchen

A high gloss finish is particularly popular in kitchens that are limited in space. Because of the reflective surfaces, the illusion of a bigger room is created, increasing the perception of space. Family members, friends and guests will not feel cramped in the kitchen.

This finish is available in a variety of colours and styles. But the black colour is especially stunning when highlighted with glossy metals running throughout the room, such as in hinges, door knobs and other fixtures. A black finish is a perfect way to create a classy, practical and modern kitchen environment.

Utilising a black finish

black with accents

To make everything in the kitchen look more fashionable and streamlined, why not go for handle-less cupboards? It not only offers a large amount of storage but also removes the unnecessary clutter on the workspaces.

If your concern is durability, then you’re in for a treat because it is the strong point of a high gloss finish. It is one of the easiest designs of care for. All you need to do is take a quick wipe using a wet cloth, restoring them to their sparkling glory.

High gloss finish is made using either lacquer or glass. A high-quality finish material is essential for achieving a high-quality look that will get everyone noticing.

A black high gloss kitchens is a kitchen style that is perfect for a wide variety of homes. It is not only exceedingly stylish but also an easy choice for manageability. Plus, it is will amazing in your home kitchen without breaking the bank. Regardless of the room size, a black finish makes kitchens look elegant and attractive.

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