Are you looking to brighten up your home by adding various plants around the house? If so, this piece is well worth reading as we feature an infographic from EZ Living Interiors which suggests a few plants that would be perfect for your home.

Some plants are better suits to certain rooms than others. For example, Aloe Vera is perfect for your bedroom as it emits plenty of oxygen at nighttime, which helps to improve the air quality in the room and facilitate a good night’s sleep. Plus, it’s versatile in size, so it’s likely to be an ideal fit within any bedroom, while the gel from its leaves has healing qualities which can help with your moisturizing routine.

If you’re looking for a plant for your living room, peace lily is a great choice. Its distinct flower is divine in its appearance, while the plant raises the room’s humidity levels by 5%, which can prevent irritations like blocked noses and itchy eyes.

Once you’ve decided what plants to buy and where to situate them, it’s vital to keep them maintained regularly so that their quality will not diminish. Plants need watering and exposure to sunlight if they are to survive, but excessive amounts of these could be just as harmful as an inadequate supply. While specific guidelines will vary between plant types, two good rules of thumb to follow are avoid direct sunlight and keep the soil most but not drenched.

The infographic below is a very good reference point if you’re considering buying a few house plants for your residence.

Author: Alexa Paul

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