One of the most astounding features that Quartz worktops could offer is that they require little to no maintenance, which basically means you don’t need to do much when taking care of them. When you pick quartz for your home, you don’t really have to worry about sealing the surface about every few years as you do with other natural stones, such as granite and marble.

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Quartz is also a non-porous surface material, meaning it won’t absorb water or fluids and it won’t leave any stains in case you spill something on it. However, no matter how stain-resistant this surface is, there are still some things you should keep in mind when caring for your Quartz worktops. Here are some of the things you should consider in order to maintain their remarkable beauty:

  1. Only use a soft washcloth and warm water with some dish soap for regular or everyday cleaning.
  2. Avoid exposing your worktops to harsh chemicals. Do not let the surface be exposed to any strong, abrasive cleaners as this can cause discolouration.
  3. Do not place hot objects directly on your quartz worktops. Use a hot pad underneath your pans and pots at all time in order to avoid causing any damages to the surface.
  4. Avoid using any harsh or sharp cleaning tools that may dull and damage your worktop’s surface, such as steel wool or rough scrubbing pads.
  5. Do not apply any penetrants, sealers, or any topical treatments to your quartz surfaces. These products will wear off over time and may cause the gloss of the worktop to appear dull, flat, or inconsistent.
  6. When dealing with stubborn stains and marks, you could always use a gentle cleaner. Just be sure to avoid using any strong chemicals that could damage the surface of your worktop.
  7. Spills that harden as they dry such as grease, gum, paint and nail polish should be removed by gently scraping all the residue with the use of a blunt plastic scraper. After that, your quartz worktop should be cleaned with a household cleaning solution that consists of water and vinegar.

Quartz is a remarkably sturdy material and offers outstanding advantages in its engineered design that are not usually found on other natural stones. Moreover, with the vast selection of colours, patterns, and textures for quartz worktops, you can surely find one that suits your style perfectly.

waterfall quartz kitchen island

If you want to have a remarkable worktop surface that’s not only easy to maintain but is also resistant to scratches and stains; then definitely opt for Quartz!

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