Oriental rugs are symbolic heavy textile woven out of silk, wool or cotton. They represent a country’s special design which is very much in demand for export and sale in domestic countries. A person may ask the meaning of oriental, which actually is a form or a characteristic of Asia or Asian countries. Rugs are plush, flat woven textile material which are placed in living rooms and dining space for making home appear inclusive.

The ancient woven rugs have been found as historical artefacts which establish the reality that rugs have been used from centuries. Kings used to decorate their homes with rugs. Interior designing have been prevailing since the time beyond us. An Oriental rug provides the principle of designing your residence. Now that Oriental rug is very much available in the market which one should you opt for?

Let’s talk about the places you can position a rug.

1: Hall way

Welcome your guests with a smile and the moment they enter their eyes would glace upon the antique Persian rug you got imported from a local Asian market. A rug’s dimensions must not exceed the rooms’ hence it should be checked thoroughly before you buy it.

2: Kitchen

Generally, people do not prefer anything slippery inside the place where there are fire and sharp knives. But if you place it right, and the colour of the rug is contrasting with your kitchen’s designing, you will have the best possible set up for your kitchen.

kitchen appliances

3: Kids’ room

This place is off limits for a kid who will naturally spill on your antique rug, woven with great intricate details. But at the same time, if you can maintain it well, your kid will have the time of his or her life with his toys on the floor playing all day long without you worrying him or her feeling or catching a cold. No matter how messy the room gets with little toys and books, it will still look wonderful with a plush, flat woven, Oriental rug latently protecting your kid from slipping on the floor and hurting himself.

4: Bathroom

The dressing area where all the clothes are or the washing area with the basins and washing machine, a rug would seem precisely fitting. Make sure that the rug does not touch water, because it will lead to a lot of work. Water marks may linger on as a stain and you may not even notice it for a long time which will only make it worse and harder to remove it. But if you are careful, then it will be a wonderful idea. For people who do not have the assurance to keep water away from the precious rug, it will be better not to implement the idea at all.

Apart from all the ideas of placing a rug, it will be better to focus on the types of oriental rugs available in the market.

If you are not familiar with oriental rugs at all, you may refer to the following lines.

Persian rugs

These rugs are mainly made in Persia and are the oldest and most valued form of rug that is available in the market and online as well. If traditional is the choice you are looking for, Persian is the best preference for you. The colours that a Persian rug generally focuses on are blue, beige, and brown, red.

Ikat Rugs

It has patterns that have originated from India, Yemen, and Japan. The patterns are highly in demand because of their originality. The colour depth and their dying process is what make them extraordinary. If abstract and tribal design is what you are looking for, then go for Ikat.

Bokharan rugs

These rugs have originated in the place Bokhara, located in modern day Uzbekistan and hence the name. These are quite similar to the Persian rugs but are oval shaped and have an inclination towards the colours red, brown and blue.

Patch work rugs

The rugs are thick and profound with a variety of colours, which is its characteristic nature. The main way this type of rug is made is by piecing together various damages rugs which are old and partially spoilt. The western culture dig this kind of collage pieced together to form a single rug.

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