It is never a secret that women love their stilettos. Some may not wear them consistently, but other women love them so much that they will still wear stilettos regardless the situation.

However, there are some critical factors that you need to consider before you start taking a step with your gorgeous high heels.

Along with those factors, there are techniques that you can also use to make your stilettos comfortable as you walk with them. It may not apply to others, but it may work perfectly for you.

Quality is a Must

It is essential to invest in excellent shoes, the footwear should be great in quality and does not have to be the most expensive.

Wearing stilettos is not always the best thing you can offer your feet to put on because high heels can badly damage your feet as well, especially if you consistently wear a stiletto that has a poor quality.

Be Mindful of the Situation

Wearing stilettos from day-today does not make them more comfortable to walk in and can actually harm your feet.

If you are working for at least a 12-hour shift, it is best to bring a pair flat shoes, or you can also bring with you a pair of sneakers for the walk home. In the end, your comfort is what matters and not the style alone.

Forget Wearing Them While Shopping

During the end of the day is the best time to go shoe hunting. The finest moment to test on women’s shoes is when you feel like your feet are weary and might even look a bit inflamed or swollen. If your feet still feels great at the end of the day, then you are in excellent situation.

Also, putting on those new heels that you bought while your feet are weary will place you in a better position in the morning at work than you wear those shoes that you bought while your feet are in peak condition, because the result may disappoint you and the shoes may not be excellent as you wanted it to be while you perform your day-to-day activities.

Try to Lean Back

There is always a high tendency to lean forward while hurrying about in high heels, it is like you are attempting to walk up a very large hill against the strong breeze. This method causes a very awkward and poor posture.

Consistently try to tell yourself to lean and place your shoulders back. It may initially feel awkward and strange, but it will absolutely make walking in stilettos much easier.

Take Tiny Steps

The biggest mistake you can commit as a beginner in wearing high heels is by taking huge steps.

It is better to take small steps when wearing stilettos because you are basically on tip-toe walking. It is very unwise to take hefty steps and it is best to protect yourself from falling by simply taking small steps.


Every woman desires to walk gracefully in a stiletto, but the situation is not always like that, for there are points to consider when wearing high heels as it capable of harming our feet.

Before you randomly wear one, it is best to gather great pieces information first for you to be able to wear those gorgeous high heels and still feel comfortable.

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Leslie Wyman is a freelance blogger and a fashion enthusiast. At home, she consistently reads articles about fashion and women’s shoes to gather more information and connect to people who share the same curiosity.

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