The modern house is all about having space to relax, entertain and spend family time. So much so that the kitchen has become a central point for many homes not only as a place to cook, but eat and socialize. Thus, open plan kitchens have become hand in hand with this new reality of the family home. Open plan kitchens can maximize the space in the home while creating a modern, contemporary style.

open-plan kitchen

The open style kitchen reduces the barriers of the traditional home, making a kitchen a place of social interaction.These open, larger spaces are also thought to add value to your home so are worth considering as a future investment. A kitchen is a vital part of any home and creating a space large enough to accommodate these new activities can be a difficult interior design challenge so here are some pointers to consider.


The best way to start planning your open plan kitchen is to think about the different functions that it’s going to have and the ‘zones’ they will create. Will your design incorporate kitchen, dining room and living room functions? This is what you will need to decide first. Very subtle changes in the styling of these different zones, such as texture or shade changes will create a delicate sense of sectioning making the room easier to understand. More structural changes such as a kitchen island or breakfast bar is a fantastic way to give the impression of an invisible wall without bluntly cutting off the kitchen.


Combining the kitchen space with living rooms and dining rooms can mean that you will have to consider redesigning your whole style to create a new look that fits with every element of the room. You will need to choose universal flooring that fits within your kitchen. Carpet, for example, might be your first choice for a living room but it is unsuitable for a kitchen. Investing in a floor such as a limestone flooring creates an elegant look that extends the rooms into one. This example of flooring also creates light with the room, helping the space appear bigger. Choosing separate flooring for different functions within your new open plan kitchen creates a disjointed look that ultimately closes off spaces just as walls do. Walls, on the other hand, can change slightly throughout the room. Consider using neutral tiles on half of the kitchen wall and using a single wall color for the rest of the room.


Once you have decided on a color scheme, be consistent. Bright bold color schemes may make the area seem over-furnished and complicated. Try starting with neutrals and light colors and building colors from that. Light colors will help create more space within your home and reflect any light coming in from the outside. As mentioned in the first point, you can use changing in styling such as lighting to help distinguish between the different functions of your kitchen. Brighter lights should be located in the kitchen area whereas more lamps and subtle lights should be placed in the living area. Hanging pendant lights work well in a dining area by creating an intimate space for you, your family and your guests.

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