While all boilers serve the same purpose, they don’t all work the same. Steam boilers heat your space with steam, while hot water boilers continuously filter hot water throughout. There are three main ways to tell the difference between the two:

  • Temperature
  • Gauges
  • Manuals

Steam boilers have different controls than their hot water counterparts, so be on the lookout for telltale steam boiler signs, such as steam valves, a gauge glass, or a steam limit control. A steam boiler boils water and sends steam through your pipes. A hissing sound is also a telltale steam boiler sign, so listen closely.

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Of course, a wide variety of buildings, businesses, and homes use boiling systems. Most commercial buildings use hot water boilers, in which water is heated for distribution throughout the facility. Hot water boilers tend to be preferred over their steam boiler counterparts because they don’t need an operator and run well at higher fuel efficiencies.


Serving Different Purposes

Steam boilers are found in many configurations, but they all serve a single purpose: to contain water and apply heat, transforming that heat into steam that provides warmth for your space. Hot water boilers provide warmth by simply circulating hot water, without the steam or operator aspect. Knowing these small details can help you identify the difference between the two boiler systems.

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Boiler control systems can be difficult to recognize and to work with, and sometimes repairs and maintenance are necessary. Knowing these small details will help you differentiate between the two and learn how to improve upon any issues or concerns you might have, whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or use any other kind of building with a boiler system. Knowing how to spot the issues, how to solve them, and how to get help when you can’t do the job on your own is a necessary part of having a boiler system, whether hot water or steam.

Serving Different Purposes

No matter which type of boiler you have, or if you’re interested in installing a new one, there are professionals available to meet your needs. It might seem difficult to notice the differences between a steam boiler and a hot water boiler, but with a few simple facts in hand, the task becomes fast and easy.

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