Although scholars tend to dress informally inside the school room, they should consistently dress professionally in time of interviewing for an internship or professional post.

Dressing professionally does not mean that you need to blow all your savings to do it with style, for all you need to do is look neat and tidy while showing them your qualifications. In the end, it is the job that you need to get.

Below are job interview outfit essentials that you would want to haul for your upcoming professional job interview.

Know the Institution

Before you come to a job interview, it’s wise to do a little research first about how the staff the company’s dress codes. This method might include researching the company online and browse their web page if the company happen to have one, or you can also contact the company and gather pieces of information prior to your scheduled interview.

Some institutions are highly conservative when it comes to their dress code policies and may require business attire, while other companies fall under the business casual. It is safe to put on items of clothing or dress appropriately than the employees at the very least.

In situations you cannot determine how the employees usually dress, it is best to wear professional or conservative items of clothing. It is way better to go to a professional interview spruced up than underdressed.

Ideal Attire for Men

Men should go for the bread and butter through wearing a nice suit and tie and put on dress shoes to nearly all job interviews. The suit should come in subdued and solid colors such as deep gray or navy, and the footwear should either be brown or black.

Put on a long sleeve, button-down shirt either white or another tone that complements with your suit, and a subdued tie like classic stripes or those with tiny dots. It is safer to wear black socks so that you will still appear professional if you happen to cross your ankles.

Even though you see the employees usually dress in a business casual attire, it is still best to wear a suit and tie. In contrast, if the interviewer informs that you should dress casually or informally, or you are very certain that the company prefers casual, then you can put on a button-down shirt or a sweater, a blazer or a sports jacket with dress slacks.

Put on black socks and brown or black dress shoes and you must look neat in every interview. Make sure to iron your outfit the night prior the interview and make sure your shoes are clean.

Ideal Attire for Women

Women’s clothing have more alternatives when it comes to professional interview attire. A suit with a button-down shirt or blouse is most suitable for a professional job interview. The suit should be neutral in color and solid like navy, black or dark gray.

The blouse or shirt can be any color that can match the suit but it shouldn’t be too-patterned or too bright. Put on neutral colored footwear, either professional flats or heels that is not more than two inches.

Although you see the company staff typically put on a business casual dress, it is still safe to wear a suit. On the other hand, if the interviewer tells you that you must dress casually, or you are very confident that they favor a casual style, you can put on slacks or skirt with a blouse or button-down shirt and a blazer.

If you do not have a blazer, then you can wear a cardigan that is neutral in color. The slacks or skirt and blazer should be neutral in colors, such as dark grey, navy, or black. Make sure you appear clean and look polished.

Iron your apparel and your shoes clean and you might consider getting a shoe shine if your shoes look soiled.

Grooming Guidelines

Men trim or shave their facial hair, and that their nails trim and hair tidy. Men must also remove any piercings or jewelry in the middle of the interview. Also, men and women should hide and cover any tattoos that are visible.

Women should fix their hair in a simple and clean updo, like a sleek bun or ponytail, or wear the hair down so long as it’s well-trimmed or washed. Makeup should also be minimal. This may involve a foundation or concealer, a neutral lipstick or gloss, and mascara. Also, it is best to avoid eyes that are brightly colored.

Women may put on plain jewelry, including one small necklace like a pearl necklace and small studs. Avoid wearing unnecessary piercings or jewelry. Both men and women must refrain from spraying heavy perfumes and colognes that might distract the interviewer.


A job interview is a vital way to express the professional side of you. During the interview, it is best to look your best while displaying a simple and professional appearance. There is no need to put on excessive and unnecessary embellishment. After all, what you need to do is follow the dress code of the company.

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