Kitchens with matt finishes have been receiving quite a lot of attention these days. The reason for that would be because they definitely look great on just about any kitchen theme, may it be contemporary, traditional, and even industrial.

Another great factor to take note of is that the rich colours that matt units provide can look more solid, consistent and uniform than the gloss ones. The primary benefit you get when opting for units with matt finishes is the fact that scratches and fingerprints are far less obvious than on gloss finish units as well.

Browse through to see some of the most stunning matt kitchen designs there is!

View the outdoors

If your lucky enough to have a kitchen that’s positioned right alongside the outdoor area, make sure to make the most out of it by opening up the space. Install some clear doors so that natural light can effortlessly enter the room even if you close it during windy or rainy days. This lovely matt white kitchen definitely did a great job in achieving that look.


Combine Both Spaces

If your dining area is also your kitchen, maximise its full potential by making it the focal point of your home. This works so well especially when you’re keen on entertaining guests. You’ll be surprised at how many people you can fit in, no matter of the available space.


Huge Frames

Massive windows, or clear door frames can certainly add a certain vibe into any room. It easily allows natural light to flood the entire area, thus creating a perfect balance of dark and light without looking dull or gloomy. That is why natural light is always the key.

Huge frames

The Hang-out Bar

Truth is, not all of us have enough space to fit a dining table in our kitchens, but one can always improvise and include a spot where family or guests can sit and chat while we prepare the meal. This idea is an incredible space-saver, plus, a great way for people to hang around and connect. Take some inspiration from this stunning matt grey kitchen space.

The hang-out bar

Brighten up with Pastels

When you’re too afraid of committing to a dark matt kitchen, why not incorporate some colours to brighten up the area. After all, dark-toned spaces are not everyone’s cup of tea, especially when having a meal. Making your kitchen feel as light and airy as possible with the help of some matt pastel tones can really lift up the mood.

Brighten up with pastels

Also consider about getting rid of certain walls in your kitchen area as it can open up the space even more. Don’t forget to include some patterns for that added style and depth.

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