Many of us are planning to decorate our homes, renovating it, re-furnishing it as well as giving it a completely new interior design this year. That is why we keep on looking for the interior design ideas which will balance our homes and on a budget as well. If you go for hiring an interior designer, it might cost you a lot but this will be very cheap if you apply these ideas all by yourself at home.

1. Whites with off whites:

The trend of using bold and sharp colors is out of fashion and more neutral colors are back in fashion especially white. You can mix and match with white while off-white is very in these days too. White can be used at different place of home such as paints, wallpapers, furniture, fabrics, curtains, blinds, carpets and decoration. The mix and match of white and off-whites are also very trendy. That is why many interior designers are using it in the latest designs.

off white wall paint

2. Greens

Green is the color for interior design for the year 2017. The greens which were not much seen is all over the interior designs and many international interior designers are using it in their designs and decorations. You can also use it in the different areas of home and interior such as carpets, curtains, crockery, decoration, and paints. Different shades of greens are used with neutral colors to mild down the shade as well as different shades of greens are also use together. Fresh plant green is mostly used in the designs and interior.

green living room

3. Vintage furniture

The vintage furniture is again in fashion but it not used as a regular furniture piece but instead, the furniture is renovated and used for the completely different purpose. If you own any old and vintage furniture piece, don’t throw it away but use it for something new. The old dressers are used as new study tables. The old chest can be converted into the sink or anything you like.

modern vintage furniture

4. More storage kitchens

The kitchens are very much focused this year and more storage is provided to the kitchen. Instead of having more shelves and cabinet, the trend of building a single storage wall is more in fashion. This wall is a heavy storage place for your kitchen which is storing not only cooking items but applicants and crockery as well. This is a suitable option for the people living in apartments or small spaces, for those who have big kitchen space can do this too.

1459 Marth Stewart Living

5. Adding gardens

If you do or don’t have a back yard, the trend of managing a garden is pretty much in from last few years. These years the interior designers are making gardens for small spaces, the balcony of an apartment or an indoor garden space. These gardens can be designed in small space as well as big lawn if you have but for interior designs this year, a garden area is a must have.

backyard gadens

6. Brass

Brass made another com back in the interior designs. It is using to accessories your furniture and decorations. The brass polish not only gives your interior high-end looks but also cost less than it seems.

brass home decor

7. Designing your Neglected Areas

For the year 2017, the interior designs are done for every corner of your home. The areas which were neglected are also designed with a lot of care and designs such as the enter way of the house, laundry room, study or backyard. The designers are paying attention to all these areas to provide a complete look to your house and give a personal touch to your house by adding details to every corner.

neglected home area decor

Home interior trends changed time to time. It is good to buy decorative items and other things for home design and décor after reading home improvement product reviews.

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