There are multiple reasons why homeowners are choosing limestone as a favored material for their paving needs, common being its classic or traditional feel. The most important factor taken into consideration here is that this material is ‘natural’ which makes it an apt choice for all types of paving requirements. This stone can help in differentiating the different spaces outdoors, besides this; it is available in a whole range of colors. Homeowners can pick and choose in accordance to their requirement even where the shape and size is concerned.


Listed below are some applications where limestone paves can be used appropriately.

  • Pool Area
  • Driveway
  • Patio
  • Courtyard
  • Pathway
  • Landscaping
  • Verandas
  • Stepping stones

Besides the above mentioned, there are multiple applications for limestone paving as it is totally versatile and can only add to the elegance of the exterior or the interior.

The Installation of Limestone Pavers

Before you think of getting this limestone paving installed make sure that the designer is able to mark the area that is, arranging the pavers and outlining every stone. It might be essential to contact the utility company to ensure that the digging is not interfering with any utility lines placed underground. Digging for paving requires around 8 inches, which should not cause any problem, but it is always better to take the required precaution.

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The contractor pushes down the surface of the soil with the help of water and a tampering tool after the excessive soil is removed. Leveling the area is ensuring the patio being even and flat. The contractor then uses some sort of aggregate material. You can opt for dry installation where the pavers are placed on top of the gravel or sand covering the gaps with additional gravel. Use of the right material can ensure that the pavers do not move in any way. Wet installation is making use of concrete, which is a favored option for many homeowners. After applying a thin layer of concrete, the pavers are placed on these while the concrete is still wet. Once the concrete is dry, more concrete is poured.

Limestone Pavers: An ‘Apt’ Choice


You find many homeowners opting for limestone paving as this material, besides being natural, is tough and durable and can withstand harsh winters, snowfall and even rain without losing its charm. The color does not fade, which might be the case with other paving stones. Besides which, it can offer you the desired look of a classic or vintage traditional. This stone comes in a wide range of colors like soft green, light tan or even a pale gray. Homeowners have the freedom to mix and match colors to get the required look. You do have the manufacturers of limestone pavers offering you customized choices besides the square and rectangular ones offered by many.

The Many Benefits of Limestone Paving

As mentioned before, you have a wide range of colors and styles when you think of opting for limestone paving. Besides this, this paving does not require much maintenance and so less labor is involved. The texture of this stone is comfortable and the debris and dust needs to be only swept. It is advisable to keep this limestone paving away from abrasive materials so that it can last longer and retain the original look. Find the right manufacturer of these paving and look for the different options available to you. Do not forget to compare the different prices so that you are assured you are paying the right price. There are a number of limestone pavers listed online, which can make your job more convenient and comfortable.



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