Sawzall makes it easy and fun for you to demolish anything. Another name for sawzall is reciprocating saws. Using hacksaws and crowbars is hard but by using a sawzall, you just cut it without much effort. This is one tool you need in your house.

One costs between $100-$300 depending on the features and brand. It is cheaper buying a saw than renting one. You should not use your saw as a fine art tool. You achieve what you want by moving it back-and-forth making small precise cuts. The blade of the saw is thin to fit into small spaces. This feature makes it possible to use in places that pose great danger or are impractical. When you compare it with other saws, it is easier to cut above your head.

How the saw works

The Sawzall saw uses a removable blade. It moves at very high speeds back and forth when you pull the trigger. The source of the power differs according to the brand. Some use a battery pack whereas others use a standard wall socket. The source of power does not affect how the tool operates. The saw cuts anything you can think of. This includes drywall, metal, and PVC pipes.

Which type of blade should you go for?

If you get the best Sawzall blade, you will be able to tackle different tasks.

  • When cutting through your nails and metal pipes, you should utilize a sharp tooth blade that resembles a hacksaw
  • Use a coarse blade when cutting wood
  • When cutting through plaster use a coarset-tooth blade
  • There are blades, which are toothless. They have a coat of tungsten carbide abrasive grit. You can use this blade to cut through stone, cast iron, and ceramic tile.

Most of the blades have a standard size of 6 inches. You can also get the tiny jig-saw-kind of blades. If you want to cut deep places, you can choose the 12-inch blade. The tough blades are indestructible but disposable. You should change them as often as you can. As soon as you notice the blade is becoming dull, you should replace it.

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Bimetal blades are more expensive than the carbon steel blades. They are tougher, cut faster, remain flexible longer, and outperform them. You can hammer the blades when they bend. You can still extend the life of your blade even after teeth at the tip of your blade become blunt. You can utilize tin snips for cutting off the tip. You will get sharp teeth at its point of attack.

When should you use the sawzall?

This saw is a great all around tool. You can use it to trim limbs from trees, cut out an old window or doorframe, remove a damaged piece of PVC pipe, or cut a tailpipe or old muffler.

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The reciprocating saw does not cut only. Other people are using it to remove tile and bust up grout. Though most people use this saw for demolition purposes you can use it cut boards into proper length. It makes very straight and precise cuts than other saws.

Additional tips

Below are ways in which you can increase the saws effectiveness.

  • Apply proper pressure to the saw. You will gain this through experience. You have to balance between keeping a tight grip on the boot and bearing down on the tool.
  • You should ensure that the saws shoe is tight on the material you are cutting. This will increase your cutting speed and reduce vibration.
  • You will work faster if you use the rocking up-and-down motion with your saw.

What should you look for when buying one?

Your main concern should be the power, amperage of the motor, type, speed, and stroke length.

  • Power: This is simple. It either uses a battery pack or plugs into a wall. A battery pack gives you the freedom to move around, but they can go dead at any time. The best is the one that plugs into a wall and you can use an extension cord.
  • Amperage is the amount of electricity it consumes while moving the motor. Many people ignore this factor but you should consider it.
  • Stroke length is the amount of travel the blade makes.

Many people do not give much thought when buying the reciprocating saws. You should because they come in handy and help a lot at home. High quality blades make all the difference.

Author: Alexa Paul

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