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While the primary purpose of gorgeously-designed wallpaper is to look wonderful on your walls, it can also be used in other areas of the home for a quirky, alternative twist that will spice up your interior design. One fun area to explore is using wallpaper for seasonal decorations, and there are plenty of other practical ways to use wallpaper to provide a unique touch without covering all of your walls.

Whether you’re buying a fresh wallpaper roll to unleash your creative side, or working with leftovers and offcuts, here are some inspired ideas and top tips to fuel your next project. Remember, none of this involves a binary “paint or wallpaper” decision. Both types of wall treatments coexist well together because each can do things the other can’t.

First: Before you get started – know your adhesives

When it comes to wallpaper, all glue is not created equal, and the exact type of glue you’ll need to use depends on where exactly you’re applying your wallpaper. Do not under any circumstances reach for that half-dry glue stick that’s lurking in the back of your stationery drawer. It isn’t fit for the job!

Instead, you should purchase a reliable waterproof adhesive. An all-purpose glue will let you stick your wallpaper to just about any surface, including wood, glass, plaster, drywall, or other material. Nothing is more annoying than a great install that eventually fails due to the wrong glue being used!

Room 1: The Kitchen

A lot of time is spent in the kitchen, so it’s a perfect place to use wallpaper to brighten up the walls. But why stop there? For an additional flash of color, why not choose a vibrant, contrasting design to line your drawers and cabinets? Each time you open your cabinets, you’ll be greeted with a cheerful burst of uplifting color from an unexpected place. If your cabinets have “windows,” then the wallpaper you have in the back (or even on the sides) of the cabinet may be visible, even when the doors are closed. Alternatively, you could try using heavyweight vinyl wallpaper to outline cabinets and drawers. It’s a thick paper that’s durable, won’t tear as easily as traditional papers, and you can even wipe it clean with soap and water.

Room 2: Living Room

Bookcases are usually relatively plain, so why not spruce them up with some wallpaper? Lining your bookcase with wallpaper is a great way to update an often mundane feature of your home, accenting any items on display. Perhaps you could even have a different design for each book case section to reflect the type of books kept in each area.

Remember, the idea is to make your bookcase stand out, so don’t be afraid to apply a design that’s completely different from that of your current wallpaper.

Room 3: Hallway and Stairs

Forget about borders and wainscoting; there’s an even more impressive way to jazz up the hallways of your home. By using a small strip of wallpaper on each step of your staircase, you can create a clutch, ‘doll house’ style look, completely transforming the look and feel of your home.

Plus, applying wallpaper to the front facing risers of a wooden staircase is faster and more affordable than staining or replacing. While each step doesn’t need to match, you should try and stick to similar colors for a running theme that will pull the look of your staircase together. A simple black and white damask pattern would be classy and make a bold statement.

Room 4: Dining Room

An eye-catching centerpiece on your dining room table can pull the whole room together, so why not get creative and create your own? With a little bit of wallpaper and some old containers, tin cans, or vases, you can create your very own gorgeous homemade table decorations. Intricate patterns work wonderfully on these stunning recycled pieces, so pick eye-catching designs that will draw your guests’ attention to your hand-crafted one-of-a-kind creations.

So what are you waiting for? These are just a few ideas to get you started, representing just the tip of the creative iceberg! Regardless of whether your style is contemporary or aims to create the look and feel of a vintage era, you can use wallpaper to express your creativity. From lampshade coverings to wallpaper headboards, the possibilities are endless when you let your imagination run wild.

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