Home intrusion cases are on the rise. Therefore, it should be every homeowner’s goal to find ways to increase the protection and security of their abode. A fancy security system is always a smart idea. It can be a rather a pricey investment, but it’s always worth it to ensure your peace of mind.

However, a domestic and commercial security company says that as effective as putting up alarm systems and surveillance cameras all over the property is, combining this with other security practices is crucial.

That includes not leaving your valuables simply lying around the house. As much as possible, you want to prevent easy access to them.

How Should You Hide Your Valuables at Home?

When it comes to finding the perfect hiding places for money, jewelry, documents and other important possessions, the rule of thumb is to avoid areas that have already been featured in movies and TV shows as safe places to hide items in. If you have seen the security tactic presented in a movie, then for sure, burglars have, too.

So it’s a definite no to that one potted plant near the door, or that fake rock. Burglars are all too familiar with these hiding places. Also, forget about hiding things in the freezer, the sock drawer, and under the mattress. These are areas that home intruders check out right away.

The smartest places that can keep your valuables out of sight are the following:

1. In a Safe Behind a Wall Painting

Invest in a high-quality safe that is fireproof, waterproof and can be bolted securely into the wall. Safes are always tricky for burglars. They take a long time to decode and they can often be wired to security alarms and cameras.

2. Fake Electric Outlets

You can purchase these for cheap. These fake outlets have a mini safe that can hold a small wad of cash and jewelry. You can place these in different parts of your house and burglars will not even bother with them.

3. In the Coffee Table

If, for example, you have an expensive piece of jewelry that you know certain people covet, or a memory card that contains confidential information, you need a much trickier place to hide them in.

Security experts recommend hollowing out a leg of a coffee table and turning the hole into a safe. Cap the hole with a cork or rubber tip once you’ve tucked in the valuables. Whatever you hide in the coffee table leg will be impossible to find for thieves.

4. In a Book

This would work exceptionally well if you have a vast collection of books. Hollow out one book to hide everything from your passport to other important documents. Alternatively, you can buy a fake book; there are shops that sell it for cheap.

Here’s an additional tip for using a book to hide valuables: Keep it inconspicuous. If you’ve decided to use a literary classic book as a makeshift safe, be sure to group it with other literary classics in your home library.

5. In a Stuffed Animal

This trick is effective if you have a large collection of stuffed toys at home. You can sew valuables into one stuffed bear and for sure, thieves would groan in exasperation at the idea of tearing into one stuffed animal after another just to find a specific item.

For delicate possessions that you want to keep safe, these five simple hideouts will work just fine. But if you prefer even better security, it’s best to bring such items to the bank where there are armed guards stationed 24/7 and multiple layers of fancy security systems.

As troublemakers grow more desperate, homeowners should work doubly hard to keep the home as safe as possible. Explore all the different security strategies available from trusted security companies; there’s sure to be a wide variety of systems that could suit your family’s needs.

Likewise, don’t think too much about the cost. The money you pay for a home security system will always be worth it in ensuring not only your peace of mind, but also the actual safety of all that you hold dear.

Author: Alexa Paul

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