One of the hippest and most sought after things in the youth circle right now is customized t-shirts! Call it an influence of pop culture, but more and more people are turning their love for the arts, comics, music and movies into something that they can wear – their own custom designed t-shirts.

From nerdy fandoms like Harry Potter and Star Wars to artistic prints of works of painters like Van Gogh, the market has seen a steady rise in the number of people who want to wear their love of the arts on their chest.

Consequently, the T-Shirt Printing Business has also seen a steady rise, and what other reason do you even need to jump onto that bandwagon while it is still in its jolly ride phase?

Why choose T-Shirt Printing?

  • Blooming market: For starters, it is a blooming business. Honestly, just make a quick Google search and we promise you, you will end up getting links to at least a thousand of different companies that sell customized T-shirts online. In fact, most online retail companies that have so long sold simple clothes, have added such custom T-shirts to their itinerary.
  • Testing is simple: Youngsters LOVE their custom shirts. Now, we’re pretty sure that you have at least a hundred contacts in your Gmail account and have at least one social media account.Now, all you have to do to test out your items, is flash some of them on your social account, and voila! Not only do you get instant feedback from your friends and contacts, but also get a fair idea of the in-demand trends.
  • Choosing your own workspace: The thing about a T-Shirt Printing business is that you can have the entire startup right at your home, or it can even be a family business.

Yes, you have to co-ordinate with the buyers, the printers as well as the shippers, but you get all the comfort and familiarity of home, minus the cost of having to rent out a separate place for the entire business setup. It’s a win-win situation, wouldn’t you agree?

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Getting Started: What You Will Have to Take Care of

1 : Startup costs: Of course, any business investment requires start-up costs. This is basically all the money that you need in order to start the business from the ground up, which includes buying the raw materials for the printing, finding a supplier and buying stuff from them, and so on and so forth.

The best way in order to reduce the startup cost is keeping a tab of everything and all of the places that you spend your money on. Also, make sure that you have a budget and try to stick to it.

2 : Printing Method: There are a number of printing methods for you to choose from. Usually, a simple transfer is one of the most preferred options for small time printers, but the end results are not satisfactory, especially if the printing designs are too big or too intricate.

Today, more and more large scale companies are turning towards high quality digital printing of shirts because the end results are extremely good and long lasting. Yes, they are a little more expensive when compared to average printing processes, but they are worth every penny.

3 : Printing Equipment: When you decide what kind of printing you want for your shirts, then it is time for you to decide what kind of equipment that you want to use. For instance, if you want high quality digital printing, you can always invest in a Viper, which can be used to print on light colored t-shirts and happens to be very cost effective and cheaper, especially when compared to other digital printers. Today, there are more than one versions of the Viper in the printing market.

The equipments that you need to have to get started with are like-

1. Heat press machine: The heat press machine is one of the most important items that you need to own. This is the only most costly things that is a mandatory need. But, there’s the chance to minimize the cost if you go through random heat press machine reviews before spending your money on it. While you are in just the starting position, spending too much on looking for brands, styles and those stuffs wouldn’t be a wise decision at least.

It’s better if you go for a  16’x20″ heat press to cover the maximum parts of t-shirts of any size.And nowadays, Gecko heat press machines are most user friendly for the beginners. Go through on some gecko heat press reviews before choosing yours one.
2. Transfer Paper
3. Graphic Programmes
6.Cutter etc.

4 : A T-Shirt Supplier: You need to get a reliable T-shirt supplier, who not only supplies T-shirts that are of good quality, but also happen to be cost effective. The major mistake that most people make is choose cost over quality, resulting in bad printing and bad fabric quality, which in turn, translates into poor sales.

In order to get in touch with potential suppliers, we suggest that you attend trade fairs, which is one of the hottest spots for small scale businesses.

Areas to Pay Attention for a Successful Business:

• Knowing the market: As we have been saying, custom T-shirts are a hit among youngsters. This means that you’ll be churning out more pop culture inspired T-shirts than anything. So, we suggest that you interact with the average custom T-shirt wearing crowd and brush up on your pop culture trivia.

On the other hand, companies looking for marketing are also good potential clients, as there has also been a sudden rise in marketing campaigns that use custom T-shirts.

• Come up with good marketing strategies: A good marketing strategy is the key to success. Take tons of pictures, and we mean TONS. Put them up on your social networking site, set up an Instagram account if you don’t have one yet. It’s free, after all. Keep people updates about the latest designs, the costs, shipping and so on.

One must learn to interact with the customers and make them a part of the process.
Good discounts as well as free shipping on first orders are some of the favorite marketing strategies employed by clothing brands.

• Don’t lose hope: Let’s be honest, no business can succeed overnight. We may sound like a broken record when we say that you have to be patient. Keep trying, because after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

But let’s not always be about all business. T-shirt printing is one of the best ways for you to interact with a bunch of people and express your creativity. Stop limiting yourself to just sales charts and accounting and so on! It’s your business, and you’re building it from the ground up. Be patient, be smart, but most importantly, have fun!

Author: Alexa Paul

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