For many people, picking up an attractive bunch of flowers at the market (peonies, lilies, hydrangeas) is one of the simplest ways to brighten up and add life to any apartment.

Once home, however, a mild dilemma emerges: Not all have the faintest idea as to which vase to put the flowers in, or how to arrange them in a way that resembles something worthy of their beauty.

To go with the exquisitely designed Elite Residence floor plan, for instance, it would help to devise a system to see which vases complement which flowers. This way, next time you purchase fresh blooms, you’ll know which vessels you already have, and you can then determine which floral arrangements will fit.

This tip ultimately allows you to arrange flowers properly and create a highly appealing visual enhancement that can make your apartment look, feel and smell absolutely luxurious.

Here is the ultimate guide to selecting fresh flower vases for your home.

1. The Tall Cylinder Vase

Tall cylinder vases are perfect for your lush greenery. Acacia or eucalyptus is excellent for these types of vessels and it usually just takes one bunch of greens to make an arrangement.

This combination is very budget-friendly but delivers a significant impact.

2. The Bud Vase

A bud vase is a simple way to inject some life into a room, and you don’t even have to be a naturally talented florist to create something truly wonderful. These simple, informal arrangements showcase the single bloom, and its silhouette. Flower options are endless, but ranunculuses, tulips, or daffodils tend to look the most elegant in bud vases.

Bud vases are best for the dinner table, as they won’t get in the way of conversation. You can purchase a bud vase, or even utilize jam jars and water glasses that you already have at home.

This is probably the easiest way to go! The key here is to create loose, uneven, multi-floral arrangements in sets of three or more mini vases.

3. The Tall Rounded Vase

Tall rounded vases look best when filled with one single variety of tall stemmed flowers. For example, one to two bunches of lilies or delphiniums! As these flowers blossom, they round out in shape, filling the vase, and the arrangement looks even more beautiful than you would have initially imagined.

Strip the stems to the height of the lip of the vase, bunch several together, and then allow them to loosen once inside the vase.

4. The Bottleneck Vase

Another option is the bottleneck vase, whose small opening at the top makes it ideal for statement flowers. Sunflowers, peonies, dahlias, lilies, and other more abundant flowers blossom (pun intended) when paired with this style of vase.

Three to five of these large flowers will usually be enough to fill the jar.

5. The Short & Stout Vase

In contrast to the bottleneck vase, the short & stout vase requires more voluminous flowers, as it has a larger-than-usual opening. Hydrangeas are a fantastic option for vases like this, as is a combination of a full bunch of mint and then some dahlias with the leaves on. But really, any bunch that has some serious volume will work.

6. The Pitcher Vase

When it comes to pitcher vases, you often have a choice between a delicate glass pitcher and a more classic ceramic pitcher. The good news is that a bouquet arrangement works flawlessly for both. Take note though that the ceramic pitcher is slightly more accessible, as the stems are hidden, and all an observer sees are the blooms.

If you choose a delicate glass pitcher, then keep it simple and loose with sweetpeas and alchemilla. If you build your arrangements in one direction, then the stems will flare out in that same direction when they’re placed in the vase, which has an even more elegant effect.

If you choose a ceramic pitcher, go for a big bouquet of hydrangeas and then tie them with twine. Cut them down to size, so that the blooms sit right on the pitcher’s lip. Voila!

When purchasing flowers for your Elite Residence in Dubai or wherever you live, you should frequent your local flower shop to buy flowers by the stem. These locally owned stores often sell a unique inventory market-style for clients that want to DIY their arrangements. This way, you get beautiful blooms — usually fresher than the grocery store — and you support a small business. Win-win!

Author: Alexa Paul

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