Having some problems with your property? Do they have something to do with sealing various surfaces? Most people doesn’t understand how sealants function. Sure, they seal stuff, but they’re not limited to that specific purpose only.

Below are the most commonly known characteristics and uses of sealants, as well as the usual problems associated with this material.


Characteristics of a good quality mastic sealant:

  • Good cohesion
  • Good adhesion
  • Good elasticity
  • Good weathering characteristics
  • Typically made of synthetic elastic materials
  • May be multicomponent (mixing required) or single-component (no mixing required)
Typical uses for mastic sealants include, but are not limited to:
  • waterproofing
  • window sealant
  • door sealant
  • bathroom sealant
  • roof sealant
  • fireproofing
  • sealing timber and glass

Natural or inherent problems:

Staining: Staining on the adjacent masonry where the sealant’s plasticiser has moved into the substrate.

Cohesive failure: deterioration of the intrinsic integrity of the sealant; cracking parallel to the surface of the joint is an indication of this type of problem.

Weathering: The deterioration of mastic sealants can be caused by lengthy exposure to ultraviolet light, water, and freeze-thaw cycles. Manifestations of weathering appears in the form of discolouration, chalking, softening or cracking.


Of course, you can always try to DIY some home projects using mastic sealants, particularly if you’re skilled enough to do so. But if you want the task to be done accordingly and safely, you should seek the help of a professional, and that’s when mastic sealant contractors come into the picture. They will ensure that the project will be done according to standards. Do not attempt to DIY your way out of sealing materials or surfaces in your home, especially when you’re dealing with a large area as you might damage the materials even more.

Do not hesitate to ask around for the best mastic company that your family or friends might know of.

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