Within our living rooms, we want somewhere that we can relax – a warm cosy atmosphere is the perfect setting to do exactly that. A standard radiator is no longer desired within people’s interior, people no longer want a standard heating source when a large variety of radiators on the market.

Designer radiators are available in such a huge range of shapes, colours and sizes, there is something for everyone to help to complete a home project, or to complement current decor. What radiator is best for you? Is there a certain style to suit your home?

Whether you are looking for something more modern, tradition or a striking radiator, there is a huge array of styles available to ensure you will find something to fit your style. Radiators these days have stylish features that help your central heating blend into the background or if you would like a focal piece then there are more unique shapes available.

Mirrored Radiators:

Mirrored radiators can work well to blend into the background if you want to have a feature that does not stand out. Combining form and style together can create a stylish feature, what more could you want, a stylish heat source combined with a mirror to check yourself out in!
The mirror radiators work well within hallways and in particular bedrooms as they save up floor space by doubling up as two products.

There are so many options available for mirrored radiators that there is something for everyone, providing warmth and comfort is the sole purpose, so what else can be a feature?

A sleek finished mirror surrounded by a column radiator gives a stylish approach and will be perfect for any interior, this style of radiator can be used time and time again to suit almost any interior. There are a variety of shapes to choose from, square, circle and rectangular and with most styles the metal cannot be seen!

Designer Steel Radiators:

The best radiators are made with the best materials, stainless steel being one of them. Steel radiators are resistant to corrosion of metal and any defects, therefore you are guaranteed a long-lasting, high quality radiator. Not only are these radiators providing high quality, the designs are also simply stunning, providing you with a gorgeous aesthetic.

With stainless steel radiators, there are many styles to choose from, there are basic styles to provide a simple heating source, however there are also intricately designed radiators that provide a focal point, almost like a piece of art.

Electrical Radiators:

Electric radiators can make all the difference, they can be extremely cost effective to run as they vary in efficiency for houses making use of renewable energy sources. Electric radiators can also be used in conjunction with timers, so that you can have them warming up ready for you to arrive home into a cosy living space.

The styles for electric radiators really vary in style, whether you would like a towel radiator, a vertical radiator or horizontal, the list is endless. All radiator styles can be fixed to the wall or they can be free standing for easy movement, depending on where you want the radiator to be featured.

The real beauty of a radiator goes beyond first impression, it is a lifelong feature within your home that provides something that you will not only love when you first see it, but it will become a feature to be appreciated and loved for a long time.

Author: Alexa Paul

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